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The Most Sought-After Employee Benefits in 2018

Whether at a small startup or a large corporation, new employees at any business, of any size, are looking for more than just a way to pay bills. Employees look to a benefits package as their decision to stay, come aboard, or leave a work situation. With the ability to research more thoroughly into possible job perks via the Internet, and a shift of importance and interest when it comes to perks, companies should be up-to-date on which benefits will attract and/or keep employees.

And while companies look at options to offer new or current employees, having a look at what makes the company itself encouraged, including plans like Florida Business Insurance, is also important. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after employee benefits in 2018.

Health & Wellness

In a recent report from U.S. News, health and wellness options are getting a huge boost in importance in 2018. Companies are offering more options for preventative health and wellness programs for employees. From health care premium discounts to receiving an annual health risk assessment to getting discounts at a local gym, or even offering an in-house gym, businesses of all sizes are answering the call of the health trend among their employees. Some companies are even offering bonuses or non-cash incentives to employees who meet their wellness goals.

Retirement & Savings

Another trend among employees that has turned into a nearly non-negotiable desire is a healthy retirement and savings benefits package. Employers are scaling back on things like hardship withdrawals, five-year plan loans, and the amount of defined-contribution savings plans. Retirement planning and personal savings are of high interest for employees of all ages, not just those nearing the end of their career.

Flexible Work Schedules

With the boom of the gig economy and startup culture, having more flexibility in one’s work schedule is now a major work perk request. From options to work from home once a week to early release on Fridays to fully remote positions, employees are looking for work schedules that work around their personal life and own culture. Younger employees especially are looking for a great work-life balance where they can still get 40 hours in, but also have an emphasis on social and family lives outside of the office.

Career Development

When a new employee enters an office, they’re not necessarily looking to cut and run. A company that includes a career development plan is an attractive place to work for someone who wants to set down and establish career roots. Career development benefits, such as studying classes related to the company’s industry or being paid to take hands-on training courses, show employees that the company wants to develop their skills to keep them around longer. This shows an investment in the employee, boosting confidence and solidifying a devotion to employee development.

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