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Storm-Proofing Your Home: Window Protection

In our last article, we covered some of the basics for preparing your home for a hurricane. As hurricane season rapidly approaches, we’re going to go into more detail about how to effectively protect your glass windows and doors from shattering in a storm. In turn, your Florida Wind/Hurricane Insurance premiums can be reduced and peace of mind can be achieved. From simple fixes to professional grade solutions, check out the following tips for storm proofing your home.

Hurricane film.

This protective layer prevents windows from shattering into dangerous shards and can be left in place year-round. It’s relatively inexpensive – at about $25 per foot – which is a benefit. However, extreme wind and rains can cause the entire window frame to collapse, which would render the film useless.


An effective and inexpensive option for covering windows, figure you’ll spend $1-$2/sq. ft. if you do the work yourself. A contractor might charge between $3-$5/sq. ft. Set aside a weekend to measure, cut, and pre-install all the plywood for a typical house. Select boards that are 5/8-inch thick and approximately eight inches larger on each side than the opening you’re covering. Use heavy-duty screws and anchors (in wood) or expansion bolts (in masonry) to attach the plywood to the home’s walls (not the window frames), explains House Logic.

However, the downside of this is that they must be installed last minute, once the storm is on its way. This can pose some significant challenges for someone who doesn’t receive enough notice or is unable to get home promptly.

High-impact glass.

These single or double glazed windows can handle extreme winds without breaking. They are made of two panes of tempered glass and look like traditional glass windows. However, they’re expensive, and homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$70 a square foot for these high-impact glass windows.

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