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Staying in Contact with Customers and Clients After a Disaster

From strong Nor’easters to tumultuous hurricanes to mudslides and tornadoes, there is never a shortage of disasters that may strike. One way for those in the community to protect themselves is to invest in a dependable insurance plan, like Florida Liability Insurance for those along the coastline. But while this is a smart move for the consumer, businesses need to be aware of how to communicate with their clients after disaster occurs. You and your clients may be out of power and water for days or even weeks, so knowing your duties to clients needs to be second nature.

Prepare and Prepare Some More

NASA is reporting that storms are becoming more frequent and virtually stronger by the minute. In fact, hurricanes are picking up wind speeds faster and more aggressively than ever before. Whether you have regional or national clientele there is a possibility that those who depend on you will need to be covered and serviced. The majority of people who you represent rely upon their cell phones, internet and cable to receive communications.

For as much information as there is at their via social media and the internet, businesses can never be too prepared. First, a disaster preparedness plan should be communicated to clients at the beginning of the relationship. snow storms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and more reach all over. In the event of an emergency the client needs to know what they can expect regarding communications. A communications plan available for the client from the start will let them know that not only do you care, but you are prepared and willing to help.

Be Willing To Help

Businesses must anticipate any event that could possibly affect their business and their clients. If there is time before a natural disaster hits notify your clients via email that communications may be interrupted. If your company has a blog, advise clients to refer to that or your company’s social media. This will help because landlines and email may be unavailable.

Even if your clients don’t have pressing matters to be addressed, having communications plan in place will be a safety net.  After initial communications are sent out following a disaster, stay in regular contact with clients. This will show accountability as well as a personal touch of care. Whether you own a coffee shop, a cafe, law office, or bookstore, staying in contact with the customer base is important. Scene for clients are okay and showing that you are willing to help will only strengthen the relationship you have with them.

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