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The Importance of a Strong Social Media Strategy in the Hospitality Industry

A lot of people think of social media in a more casual way, highlighting its entertainment features over its impact on business. Companies from all industries have been using social media for years and virtually every business, be it a mom and pop cafe or a Fortune 500 company, has been developing strategies online. When it comes to the hospitality industry it makes sense to utilize social media platforms to generate buzz, connect with customers, and keep people engaged. But besides just pushing out links to a website and sharing stories on travel, companies in the hospitality industry need to implement a more effective social media strategy.

By The Numbers

Although it can be difficult to measure ROI from social media posts, the medium needs to be not only available, but engaging so the audience can be built so bookings are made and revenue grows.

Since the explosion of social media platforms in the past decade, virtually every corner of consumerism has seen a change in customer engagement. Digital media has transformed travel and the hospitality industry including inspiration for travelers. Think about Pinterest, where people can create virtual collages based on what they’re interested in, including traveling to dream locations. Or Twitter and Facebook being used as platforms to share content, update travelers about offers and alerts, and giving potential travelers the opportunity to see rooms and grounds.

From where to stay to what to check out while on vacation, approximately one in five travelers turn to social media for inspiration and planning, according to Sprout Social. In fact, 45 percent of travelers encounter hotel social media during the beginning of their booking journey. What’s more, Facebook has also reported that it’s seen a 42 percent increase in click-throughs since adding a call to action button for those in the Hospitality industry.

Creating A Strategy

There are some really key things to consider when creating a social media strategy in the hospitality industry. Hotels need to build their social audience by thinking of ways to not only impact their current customers, but others who may want to become customers. Hotels can add social URL’s to their website, email signatures and collateral to inspire more potential customers to find them and follow.

To see a bump in activity and revenue, hotels can also pay for page-like advertising or incentivize customers by giving discounts when they share on social media. And hospitality companies can also work harder at creating content, be it text or visual. Creating content will help develop engagement with their social audience. Hotels should post on a regular, consistent schedule as well as take advantage of call-to-action posts, creating urgency.

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