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Retail Business Industry: Mobile Shopping Experience

Retail Business Industry: Mobile Shopping Experience

Most people look at their phones about 150 times a day, according to Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs. Aside from checking the time and your latest text or email, online browsing has increased among smartphone users. Mashable conducted a study on how adults (18 and over) integrate smartphones into their shopping routines. Here are a few of the highlights:

Mobile Shopping doesn’t mean Purchasing. The number one activity for shoppers on smartphones is comparing prices. Purchasing is actually the least popular- many users cite security concerns of purchasing goods through their phone.

Men are more likely to use their smartphones. Surprisingly, men are more likely to use their phones while they are out shopping. They use them for anything from price comparisons to gathering information for a purchase.

Phones don’t really impact shopping habits. Most mobile purchasers reported they would buy the same items whether they used a smartphone or not. They are used more as in-store devices to check prices or to browse.

Mobile devices often trump computers. Customers report using smartphones even when there were computers accessible close by.

Experience generally good. Of those who use online shopping, 69% rated the experience as “excellent” or “very good.” Complaints included improving navigation on mobile sites, to make them more user-friendly. Also many cited mobile website security as a cause for concern.

Overall, mobile smartphones have yet to have much impact on increasing retail purchasing, however, they are another way to engage the customer and offers another commerce channel to consumers.

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