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Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

Running a small business can put a strain on your time and resources. Finding the time and the manpower to create and reach your business’s goals is crucial when it comes to staying productive and in the black. And no matter the size of the company there’s always going to be a list of things to accomplish on a daily basis like setting fiscal goals or making sure your business is covered with a Small Business Insurance policy, so finding creative ways to make the most of the limited time you can spare is important.

If you want to get more done in less time, it’s time to think outside the box and maximize productivity among your team. Here are some surefire ways to see a boost in productivity in a small business atmosphere.

Group Tasks Together

Time is money, so consolidating errands and tasks creates much needed efficiency on the clock. Business owners can group to-do’s together like project work and team meetings. Even checking email can be more streamlined by setting aside a couple spots in the morning and afternoon instead of constantly checking in throughout the day. By consolidating tasks any possible distractions can be eliminated, offering up more opportunity to stay focused.

Small business owners can even utilize cloud-based apps to improve efficiency around the office or workspace. Project management tools like Basecamp and WordPress bring every task under one roof, allowing everyone on board the opportunity to see what needs to get done. It ups accountability while trimming time off the clock.

Make Meetings Matter

Meetings can be necessary, like updating teams on sales figures and growth, which helps to keep everyone in the know and on the same track. But meetings can also act as big time wasters. Make sure that there’s a set agenda for each meeting, sticking to the plan to cut down on time spent away from work. Meetings can be a nice break in the day, but can also throw some off their productivity groove. Keep meetings on track with purpose and scheduling, outlining items to discuss.

Unplug When Deadlines Are Coming

Deadlines can be stressful, so it’s key to stay focused on getting everything in on time and in full. Buckling down and getting away from things like social media and sharing videos will only help to keep everyone focused. Try to keep work offline if possible, going the analog route when finishing projects.

Clear Up the Clutter

Men’s Health mentioned a report from the Journal of Consumer Research that discussed how a cluttered, messy desk can actually sap productivity right in front of your eyes. Doing a little spring cleaning for your desk helps to put everything in its place and where it can easily be found and used. Getting a project off the ground may be tough when there’s too much distracting vision, and literally not being able to find a certain document on a desk can obviously put a halt to production.

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