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Positivity and Private Sessions: Running an Efficient HOA Meeting

Planning for an effective HOA meeting can be stressful and overwhelming. However, doing the proper prep work in advance can make the process run more smoothly. In addition, focusing on the positive aspects of the association and holding private sessions when necessary can ensure all of the to-do’s get checked off in the appropriate manner. In this article, we are going to examine how to accomplish this and how to keep your HOA meetings positive and effective. Even more importantly, protect your association with a Miami HOA Insurance policy.

Focus on positivity.

It can be easy to allow for complaints and cliques to take over the conversation at an HOA meeting. While there might be issues to attend to, it’s time to get down to business. All too often, HOA meetings become a form of social hour, and important factors get swept under the rug. However, focus your time and efforts on the positives, what your HOA has accomplished, and future plans.

“But all too often, the president will stand up there talking and doesn’t really say much. And then the board forgets to take care of approving the minutes, or if there’s an IRS resolution the board needs to approve, they don’t do that. You first need a good, strong agenda, and you need to follow it. Treat it like a business meeting because that’s literally what it is. Business needs to be done and gotten out of the way before socializing,” explains Duane McPherson, the Carrollton, Texas-based division president at RealManage.

Executive sessions.

If there is a dispute between neighbors or something minor, see to it that those individuals settle the score on their own terms. However, if the issue is in regards to an executive decision, hold that session privately so that you can spend more time on it. As we mentioned in our previous blog, major violations, contractor disputes, and legal issues are just some of the instances that require executive private sessions.

Here are the following ways that these meetings can be held:

  • In person
  • Telephone/video conferencing
  • Email (only for emergency issues)
  • Unanimous written consent

Who must attend these meetings? These are the key players:

  • Managers
  • Board members
  • Association attorneys
  • Recording personnel
  • Vendors, if applicable

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