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Planning for an Efficient HOA Meeting

If you’re new to the HOA board, the thought of a hiring someone on behalf of the association or even planning a meeting might be daunting. But, an efficient and effective meeting doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with these simple steps, your HOA meeting is bound to run smoothly. In addition, don’t forget to protect your operation with a Miami HOA Insurance policy.

Do the prep work.

Notify each board member well in advance of the meeting’s date. According to Slatter HOA Management, you should distribute Board packages at least five days in advance, including the upcoming meeting’s agenda, a draft of the previous meeting’s minutes, any relevant reports, and any necessary financial information. When your members are well-prepared for the meeting’s topics, it will be much easier to keep the discussion relevant.

Present positives.

Rather than use the meeting as a time to air out complaints and reprimands, focus on the positives. Look at the achievements made, the improvements, and concentrate on feasible resolutions to keep everyone in a positive frame of mind.

Hold private sessions.

Private issues, or ones that don’t concern the majority of homeowners, should be discussed at a later date. Stick to a written agenda for the meeting to prevent wasted time. Issues regarding HOA legalities, contractor disputes, and violations should be handled in a separate executive meeting.

Understand challenging topics.

Especially as a new board member, there is going to come a time where you have to discuss sensitive or complex topics. Do your research ahead of time and prepare notes and questions for the meeting.

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