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Hurricane Preparedness: Protecting Your Home

Hurricane season is inevitably approaching, which means Florida residents need to start thinking about storm preparation. Being proactive about securing your home can ultimately save you time and protect you and your loved ones. In addition to protecting your home with a comprehensive Florida Wind/Hurricane Insurance program, heed the following advice.

Most of the damage to homes and commercial buildings is a result of the strong winds that accompany hurricanes. According to AccuWeather, a Category 1 hurricane has winds that are between 74-95 mph. A Category 5 hurricane has winds that are greater than 155 mph. Hurricane winds can damage homes by entering weak areas of the house such as windows, doors, roofs and garage doors. These critical areas can be reinforced to prevent damage. Whether they are temporary or permanent measures, consider the following.

Window and glass door preparation.

Wooden shutters can be used to protect windows and glass doors from shattering in a storm. If you don’t have the budget to attach permanent shutters on all of your windows, use plywood to add a layer of protection from the hurricane’s winds.

Further, installing windows and glass doors that are made of impact-resistant glass is also an effective way to limit damage to them. The impact-resistant windows and doors are made with a more sturdy frame and the glass is glazed and better able to resist wind pressure and damage made by wind-blown debris. Debris that hits these windows or doors can crack them, but they will be able to stay intact and not break apart.

Door reinforcement.

Doors made of solid wood or steel are built to last through strong winds. However, if your door isn’t as sturdy, it’s time to reinforce it. Ensure all of your doors have at least three hinges and a deadbolt.

For double entry doors, ensure both are secured and have at least head and foot bolts that extend into the subfloor for added security.

Roof prep.

Shingles can easily be blown away by hurricane winds. Before the storm hits, contact a trusted professional roofer to examine the condition of your roof. If the report notes any loose shingles, you can apply quick setting cement to them with a putty knife. However, be sure not to hyper extend the shingles any more than you have to so they don’t detach.

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