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HOA Disaster Prep: Insurance & Keeping Residents Informed

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In this series of posts, we have explored the ways in which HOAs can prepare for looming disasters such as hurricanes and wind storms. While it’s impossible to prevent all damages from occurring, preparing can mitigate a lot of these unforeseen issues. We’ve already covered the basics, which included how to create and follow an organized checklist, now it’s time to cover the imperative Miami HOA Windstorm Insurance policy and how to properly notify residents of safety and preparation practices.

Insurance policies.

When it comes to recovering from a hurricane, your first line of defense is going to be your insurance policy. Before the storm hits, evaluate your coverage and ask yourself the following:

  • Does your HOA have high enough policy limits?
  • Does the policy have replacement coverage? If not, your HOA could be left with the rest of the bill if your policy only covers the depreciated value of the items lost or damaged.
  • Are the policies easily accessible?
  • Are the important documents stored in a safe place?

Notification process.

Documenting a disaster plan is the first step in keeping your residents in the loop. Especially when it comes to evacuation processes and how to go about preparing themselves for such an event, writing it down is key. Planning ahead is easy when you use the resources available.

For example, Duane McPherson, president at RealManage, explains to HOA Leader “There’s so much out there from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other governmental agencies’ websites. They essentially give you the template of a plan. You’ll also probably want to get your local disaster agency like your local police or fire department involved in it; they’ll probably also have information to give you. There may also be things you need an engineer to look at, but the plan should be mostly things you can do yourself while using consultants as necessary. There’s so much information out there compared to 15 years ago.”

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