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Dedication to Food Safety: Maintaining Appearances

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In this series of posts, we’ve explored the biggest components that contribute to food safety in restaurants. In addition to keeping the front of the house spotless, the smallest details are important in fine dining establishments. From serving food to clearing plates and wearing crisp uniforms, everything needs to be flawless. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how you can show your commitment to not only food safety, but excellence all around. Before reading on, equip your establishment with a Miami Fine Dining Insurance program.

Serving food.

In addition to promoting an open arm policy where waitstaff does not cross their arms in front of a guest, ensure the food is served at the guest’s left side, the protein faces the guest, and the wine is served from the stem rather than the bulb. Be sure to keep an extra napkin on hand to wipe any excess drips from the bottle.

Clearing food.

Be sure to clear plates from the guest’s right side, and ensure they are finished with their meal. If the guest had to go to the restroom or make a phone call, the napkin will usually be placed on the chair. However, if the napkins are on the table, it likely means they are finished. However, it’s best not to assume they are done eating; ask first.

Other important professionalism and appearance tips.

According to Webstaurant Store, here are some additional things to remember:

  • Ladies are always served first.
  • Never eat, drink, or chew gum in front of guests.
  • When setting the table, hold glasses by the stem and cutlery from the middle to minimize the appearance of finger prints.
  • Always exhibit proper posture – do not slouch, cross your arms, or leave your hands in your pockets while on service.
  • Press uniforms to eliminate wrinkles and creases, and make sure they are free of stains or excess food.
  • Only use employee entrances and exits during formal functions.
  • Do not engage in informal conversations with guests.

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