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Dedication to Food Safety in Your Fine Dining Restaurant

Food safety is a group effort when it comes to restaurant practices. From receiving to preparing and cooking food, there are various practices that are required to keep the food at adequate safe temperatures and reduce the likelihood of foodborne illness. One mistake can have a ripple effect, tarnishing your reputation and your customer’s experience. In addition to carrying a Miami Fine Dining Insurance program, your commitment to excellence and food safety can minimize risk. This idea should be ingrained within your employees and shared with your customers, and here is how to achieve it.

Show your customers you are dedicated to food safety.

In a previous article series, we’ve covered the best ways that your restaurant can prevent cross-contamination. However, most of those items are related to back-of-house practices that the customers don’t see. Therefore, front-of-house operations are equally important in showing them your dedication to proper safety practices.

Develop a front-of-house cleaning schedule, and stick to it. To help reduce the spread of pathogens on a daily basis, incorporate the cleaning of front-of-house high-touch items, which could include laminated menus, condiment bottles, and salt and pepper shakers, into your cleaning schedule. If a customer asks employees a food safety question in the front-of-house, team members should feel confident in their food safety knowledge. If they do not, the next step is reaching out to a team member who can answer these questions and requesting a training refresher, says the National Restaurant Association.

Maintain appearances.

Not only is it important for your employees to look nice at your fine dining restaurant, it’s safe. As we mentioned in a previous post, personal hygiene is important to reduce cross contamination and uphold customer perceptions. Your establishment is high-end, and you want your employees to dress the part and for your customers to receive it that way.

Give a reason why.

Telling someone to do specific practices is easy, but explaining why will allow the employee to comprehend the importance behind it.

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