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Dedication to Food Safety: Front of House Cleaning

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Many of the food safety considerations for preventing foodborne illness and cross-contamination apply to the back of house operations. While these practices are extremely important, showing your customers just how dedicated you are to cleanliness and safety starts once they walk in the front door. In this article, we’ll cover the necessary cleaning checklists that should be completed on a daily or weekly schedule. These good habits, in addition to carrying a Miami Fine Dining Insurance program, can mitigate your risk and protect your bottom line.

The first impression is all you get for a first-time restaurant-goer. Put your best foot forward each day to ensure the restaurant is looking its best. According to Webstaurant Store, your staff should be doing the following throughout the work day: wiping down and sanitizing tables between customers, cleaning condiment shakers and bottles that look dirty, brushing crumbs off of chairs and booths, and taking out trash if it’s full. In addition, make a checklist for the following:


  • Clean and sanitize tables and booths
  • Mop floors
  • Disinfect bathrooms
  • Clean condiment jars and refill as necessary


  • Clean windows
  • Dust all decorative items
  • Dust host station
  • Wipe down the walls
  • Get rid of cobwebs

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