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Why Your Business Should Have Windstorm Insurance

Hurricanes, cyclones, and other harsh storms often bring about winds that blow at such high and forceful speeds, they end up exceeding the classification of what your current business insurance policy will cover. In Florida, this is more likely than essentially anywhere else in the country.

For this reason, many Florida businesses opt for windstorm insurance — and it’s a smart move. In particular, here’s why:

  • Windstorm insurance covers damages that are not covered by typical business insurance plans. Your standard business property insurance will not cover damages, such as ruined buildings and roofs, that are caused by severe high winds.
  • Windstorm insurance can also cover damages associated with hail. This certainly depends on your specific policy, so speak with your agent to learn more. But in general, windstorm insurance can cover damages from hail. For example, it may pay for damages to windows or business vehicles if these were broken or damaged by hail in a windstorm.
  • Windstorms and hurricanes are sadly more prevalent than ever. Our changing climate caused numerous hurricanes in the Florida area in the last year alone. Windstorm insurance is not an excessive form of insurance that won’t ever payout. In fact, it’s likely that your business will be damaged in some way by high winds, making this form of insurance extremely beneficial.

Who Exactly Needs Windstorm Insurance?

Like many other forms of useful and beneficial insurance, windstorm insurance is not required by law. On the other hand, however, it’s an insurance that only works for your benefit. As you can see above, there are multiple situations in which windstorm insurance can save you and your business thousands of dollars — not to mention the hassle of trying to repair severe damages without the help of an insurance company to back you up.

In this way, it’s smart businesses who opt to protect themselves with windstorm insurance. Likewise, you should especially opt for this coverage if your business resides in areas that are particularly susceptible to hurricanes, cyclones, and other storm systems with known high winds.

Again, it’s important to remember that your standard business coverage will almost surely not cover damages that are related to extremely high winds and windstorms.

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