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5 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Neighborhood

Everyone knows the age-old advice when it comes to searching for a home: location, location, location. This seems relatively easy, but when you factor in budget, proximity to work and schools, and listing availability, this can become more of a challenge than you might anticipate. In this article, we’ll spell out the best tips for finding your dream home in your dream neighborhood, even if compromise is required. Most importantly, protect your operation with a comprehensive Miami Home Insurance policy.

Property taxes.

The location of the home is a great indicator for how much money you’ll spend in property taxes each year. This can eat a big portion of your budget, so it’s best to inquire about the estimated taxes before getting too excited or invested in a potential new home. You can also use a property tax tool for your desired area.

Property value.

According to House Logic, if there have been some sales recently, then you can get a better idea of the potential value of the homes in the neighborhood. Typically, homes of the same type in the same location will sell within a few thousand dollars of each other. When looking at homes, your agent will pull listings of comparable properties, or comps, to see what other similar homes sold for so you can see if the home you’re interested in is priced correctly.

We suggest asking these questions:

  • What are the comps in this area?
  • What’s the projected growth rate for this area?


If you have kids, or are planning on having them, you should inquire about the school your child would attend if you lived in the neighborhood. Often, great schools boost home value, so if there’s one nearby, you might be in luck!


Deep valleys behind your home might provide a scenic overlook, but it might also increase your risk for suffering burns from wildfires. Evaluate the topography and the geography of your prospective home’s location and determine whether it would be a deal-breaker or not.

Crime rate.

This is a huge factor to consider when buying a home. Your ideal neighborhood might be prone to theft, for example, if it’s close to a big city and highways. Research the crime rate in your area online, and use resources available to you through your real estate agent. It’s all about what you feel comfortable with, so take your time with evaluating where you would feel most at home.

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