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4 Reasons Why Your Fundraising Strategy Isn’t Working

In our last blog, we explored some ways for your nonprofit to measure its fundraising performance. Going hand in hand with that topic, we’re going to cover the opposite side of the spectrum- reasons why your fundraising strategy is failing, and how you can warp it into a successful one. There are plenty of opportunities this holiday season to revamp your strategy and ring in the new year on a positive note, so read on and protect your operation with a Miami Nonprofit Insurance program.

You don’t have a definitive strategy at all.

Some may think that a fundraising campaign is easy and that there is no need for a strategy. But without one, how do you know often you’ll be sharing on social media? And what will you be sharing to attract people to donate? And who exactly are you targeting so you can tailor your posts to their interests and way of thinking? All of this comes together when you create a strategy.

In addition to organizing your content (social, email, website, etc.) strategy, you should also track how well each medium is performing. This will give you more insight into your audience, and allow you to fine-tune your content throughout the campaign, says Capital Business.

Your story doesn’t captivate an audience.

The purpose of a nonprofit is to draw attention to the issues you aim to resolve. Creating a compelling story is half the battle. If it’s not shareworthy and doesn’t compel your audience to get involved, your fundraising strategy will fall flat.

You don’t have a clear call to action- or too many.

Be explicit with your website visitors and followers. If you want them to donate, ask politely. If you want them to follow your page, provide your social media handles. Finally, if you want them to share a message and spread awareness, ask them to do so on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But, if you make all of these requests at once or on one webpage, you might turn off your potential donors.

You’re not being proactive.

This is one of the most important features of fundraising. Make sure you are constantly working to cultivate new relationships and networking to find more donors. It doesn’t hurt to ask past donors, especially if you show them how their donations helped your cause, but it shouldn’t end there. Finally, make sure the contact information you have for your donor list, including email and phone number, is accurate and up to date.

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