Florida Flood Insurance

Property owners who have suffered severe financial damages from a flood never dreamed they’d ever experience one. Others believed their Florida homeowners insurance would protect them and discovered—to their shock and regret—that it didn’t.

For these reasons, Florida flood insurance is a powerful safety net to guard against the unforeseen damages of a sudden flood. The right policy can protect you against losses resulting from heavy rains, flood surges, snow melts, storm drain backups, etc.

Standard Coverage

Communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program can help residents cover themselves with a standard Florida flood insurance policy. You may apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately if you prefer.

Preferred Risk Flood Coverage

Buildings (residential or commercial) in a low or moderate risk zone may qualify for a relatively low-cost preferred risk policy. These zones are more likely to be affected by small than large floods. At Advanced Insurance Underwriters, we will help you select the right policy for where you live or do business.

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